Saturday, November 1, 2014

November Currently

Two posts in one weekend... mark it down in the record books!!  But I couldn't pass up the November Currently post with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade - plus, I am already curled up with the computer in my lap - so why not??

I am curled up by the fireplace and loving the sound.  I cannot say that I am loving this cold weather though.  Where in the world did it come from?  I feel like one minute it was beautiful outside and then BAM the cold weather hit.  Ugh.

I L.O.V.E. Thanksgiving.  The family, the food, the football, the food, the games, the food...did I mention the food?  I can't wait for some mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole all mixed together with some turkey!  Mmmmm....

This month is going to fly by!  This week is a four day week (Election Day is on Tuesday - teachers have to go, but no students), the following week is a four day week (no school for Veteran's Day), the week after that is a full week and then the last week in November is only two days (Thanksgiving break).  Where has all of the time gone??

I had a whole two trick-or-treaters.  Yea, I know it was hard to handle all those kids.  But now I am stuck with all this leftover candy and I do NOT need to be the one to eat it.  Maybe I will go give the leftovers to the neighbor kids.

I need to get a head start on my Christmas shopping this year because I always wait until the last minute.  Not this year!  I am going to make a plan and get started on it early so that I can enjoy the days before Christmas.

I picked up the book 'Orphan Train' and just started it.  So far I like it!!

That's what I'm doing about you??  Happy November (:


  1. I am like you, I wanting to start on the Christmas shopping now instead of waiting until the last minute. I am thrilled that Christmas preparations are about to start. Love your blog and again thanks for the nomination.
    Jasmine H.
    The Dots of Teaching

    1. I love the holiday season! It gets even more exciting when the stores start putting out the decorations. I wandered around Kirklands for an hour today looking at everything (:

  2. I've been thinking about Thanksgiving food too, I'm totally in the mood for pie! The cold weather just showed up where I am too, it was 75 on Monday and it snowed here last night, what is that all about?! I guess it's just that time of year!

  3. Hi Katie! I know what you mean that this month is going to go quickly. I think the last two months have flown by. Every year I plan to get ready for Christmas early so that I can enjoy it and not get caught in the pace of Christmas projects at school, at home, etc. But this year I MEAN It! Good luck with your plan. Maybe we can help each other stick to it!
    First Grade by the Sea

    1. I hope I can stick to it! Especially since the month is going to go so quickly - and I agree with you that the past two months have flown by. We can do this!!!


  4. I love Thanksgiving!! You are right; this month is totally going to fly by. Before we know it, it will be Christmas! I can't believe how quickly this year is going.

    Oh, and you can give all of your leftover candy to me. ;)

    My Carolina Classroom

  5. Good luck with the Christmas shopping- I started yesterday and am like you, I am determined to get it all finish early this year! Wishing you a happy November,
    Books, Bugs and Boxes

  6. Ooohhh the fireplace sounds so cozy! Although I'm not quite ready for cold weather either...I want to have a few more weeks of the perfect fall weather. Wishing November flies by for you! Thanksgiving will be here in no time. :)

    Excited to follow your blog from now on!

    Field Trips and Paper Clips

  7. Real talk, to everything you said. I love love love Thanksgiving and hope this month flies by!

    Enjoy the holidays! Can't wait to read more of your blog :)

    Tasha Emmerson
    Confessions of a Tiny Teacher

  8. Thanksgiving is my favorite!!!! 2 short weeks in a row, is amazing!! That extra day to get things done is awesome!!!! Orphan Train, I haven't heard of...will have to check it out!