Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Back to School

I was able to get back into my classroom this week and I feel like everything has been a blur ever since I got my key!  Before I start posting about my classroom set-up (don't worry, I have LOTS of pictures to share), I wanted to try to get my phonics packs finished up.  So I have good news!  I have finished the beginning letter sound picture sort and it is on sale (for today only!).
Click on the picture to grab it while it is on sale :)

I will post my short vowel phonics pack the first week of August (I just have a few finishing touches left on that one).

 I can't wait to share all of my classroom pictures with you - here is the before and after picture of the counter area in my room:

It's all coming together!  I will post all of the pictures soon :)

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