Saturday, July 26, 2014

Nerd Alert!

I have even more organizational ideas to share with you!  My co-workers make fun of me for how organized I am, but it makes everything run smoothly during the school day so it makes it all worth it!

Organization Idea #1: I think hope that I figured out a way to organize my centers, so I wanted to share (:
At each center I have a tub:

(You can see the tub on the bottom left)
Since I am putting a reading center, math center and writing center at each location, I had to figure out how to store all of the different materials in a way that the students would understand.  My solution?  Sheet protectors!!

Yay!!  Here is what it would look like during center time:

If a student is going to the Chalkboard Center (Center #3), they would walk over and open the bin located at that center.  The student would then pull out the sheet protector that corresponds with the subject we are doing (reading, math or writing).  There are labels on the bottom of the sheet protector to help students find the one they need quickly:
Also, the picture on all of the reading directions is the same, the math picture is the same and the writing picture is the same.

The directions are on the front of the sheet protector:
And the worksheet/materials for the center are located behind the directions (so the students would just flip the sheet protector over).

I am so excited!!  I hope this works well.  I know I will probably have to change out the sheet protectors every so often, but they are very inexpensive!

Organization Idea #2:  I carry a notebook around with me everywhere I go.  But it may not be the same notebook.  I just grab whatever notebook is closest so I have something to write in.  Also, the notes are all jumbled.  So there are many times that I forget to do something because I didn't bring home the right notebook or I overlooked the note I wrote about it.  Not this year!

I went to Wal-Mart and bought a notebook that is specifically for my notes:
Then, I used the Post-It clear tabs and printed on them (similar to what I did for my math journals here).  Now, when I add notes to my notebook, I can put them in the correct area!

My tabs are: To Do, To Make, To Buy, Important Dates & Other.

So when I need to remember what exactly it was I was supposed to buy, I can just turn to that section!  When I buy it, I will just cross it out.  
I am so excited to start using it!  I also bought another notebook that I will use specifically for planning notes -- and they match (:

I hope these tips help you!  I would love to hear about any organizational strategies that help your year run smoothly!

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