Friday, July 11, 2014

Computer Desktop Organization

As you have probably figured out already, I love organizing!  One area that always frustrated me was my computer desktop.  I would put things on my desktop so that I would have quick access, but it always seemed to take me forever to find what I was looking for because there was SO.MUCH.STUFF.  So I finally decided to buckle down and figure out a way to organize my desktop.  And I must say I am absolutely loving how it turned out.  Sometimes I open my computer just to look at the desktop.  Yep, I'm that much of a nerd (: 

Here is a screen shot of my desktop:
 See how lovely it is?  I have additional folders under each heading because sometimes the amount of things under a particular heading become a little overwhelming, so I just drop them in the folder.  Then, on the outer right edge I keep the program shortcuts (like my Gradebook in the bottom right corner). 

It is actually very simple to do!  You just create whatever you want your background to look like in PowerPoint.  Then, you save it as a JPG.  After that all you have to do is install it!  You just go in to change your background and select the JPG of the document you just created.  Voila!

Here are a few different colors and headings that I played around with before finally settling on the one that I have now:

Hopefully this post will help you love your desktop too (:


  1. Love this!!!! Girl you are organized!!! Love your blog. See your from Tennessee too. Hope your enjoying the summer. not tooo much longer.

    Kristy from Teaching Times 2